My Symptoms
Early Stages

almost none:
- headache
- blurred vision

Late Stages

- unbelievable headaches
- extremely blurred vision with halos
- no vision
- pain and swelling around eyes and forehead

That’s about it – there are other symptoms, I just didn’t experience any others. From what I’ve learned since I was diagnosed, there are a lot of people walking around with Glaucoma who don’t know they have it. I apparently had it for some years before there were any symptoms that would alert me to the fact that there was a problem. Like hundreds of people, I had experienced migraines from time-to-time. But not frequently enough for any doctor to think they were anything but "normal" migraines (if one can actually consider migraines normal). Once a year, maybe twice I'd be affected by a migraine strong enough that it would send me off to bed, and other than some sensitivity to light, these migraines carried the same symptoms that many migraine sufferers experience.

My father was checked a few years after I was diagnosed, and he too had Glaucoma, but he had a milder type that was easily controlled, and never had any severe attacks. He was diagnosed because of my diagnosis, and was started on eye drop treatment right away.

About ten years ago, my two adult daughters started being tested for Glaucoma. My youngest so far is fine (other than she needs glasses) and shows no indication of raised eye pressures, but my oldest is borderline, and now is tested twice a year for Glaucoma. She too wears glasses, and I'm almost certain from some of the symptoms I've seen, she's had a couple of mild attacks.

Both girls, and their children will continue to be tested (and treated if necessary) throughout their lifetime for Glaucoma.

J.Gracey Stinson