There are a huge number of references available on the web that can provide you with knowledge and information, but be careful and smart about what sites you use to get your information. There are many blogs written by proponents of herbal and natural remedies (not doctors, not health specialists - just ordinary bloggers) that list several herbal treatments for glaucoma.

As of now, there is NO herbal remedy or home treatment that will "cure" glaucoma. There is no
cure. It's a lifelong disease. There is also no way to prevent glaucoma. There is also no herbal supplement that will control glaucoma. If you have it, you need to see an appropriate eye care specialist, and follow the treatments as prescribed.

Taking herbal supplements is great, but you cannot depend on them, nor should you rely on them as a treatment for Glaucoma. Please, do yourself a favour and discuss it with your Ophthalmologist. He or she may tell you it won't hurt to take them (however, some may not be recommended with certain medications), but they will tell you ... the claims of cure are fake.

Diagnosing and Treating Glaucoma -  Information from the Glaucoma Foundation

Glaucoma Research Foundation  - Research, testing and new treatments.

University of Michigan Kellogg Eye Center - Although I'm Canadian, I included this link only because they have some excellent and useful information that is worth reading no matter where you live.

Mayo Clinic - (one of the places I trust most for accurate medical information) Provides information on glaucoma, possible treatments, and clear, easy to understand explanations.

Canadian Glaucoma Society - Information on assistance and treatments for Canadians

Glaucoma Research Society of Canada  - News and information on research and new treatments for Canadians

Canadian National Institute for the Blind - discussing eye conditions (such as glaucoma) that may cause blindness.

University Health Network Krembil Neuroscience Center - located in Toronto in the Toronto Western Hospital, one of the UHN group.

Doctors of Optometry Canada - information on glaucoma, help finding a doctor in your province; strangely enough, my ophthalmologist isn't on their list of doctors for my city, although he has quite a large practice.

Congenital Glaucoma Network - Sharing, information, stories from those affected by childhood Glaucoma.

BrightFocus Foundation - provides information for getting help and treatment, and learning to live with low vision, as well as a list of resources.

J.Gracey Stinson